Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Well, ok- maybe they froze..

So it snowed some last night, not very much. It also was darned cold though not as darned cold as it gets around here. I pulled myself together sometime midmorning and got dressed for the winter so I could go out and survay the damage (and put out some indestructable New Zealand spinach seedlings for the day while I was at it). Seedling transplants in the hoop house looked a bit shocked I think- kinda limp and rather the color of the lettuce when the temperature in the fridge. goes too low and the lettuce freezes. Anyway, I didn't get too involved just in case the seedlings have a chance, and when I went back out later in the day to bring in the spinach, I threw an extra inch of straw over the broccoli, onions, brussels sprouts and cabbage in the hoop house and doubled up the row cover over the straw. Now I sit in my nice warm house and hope for the best.

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