Friday, March 21, 2008

More Rocks

Ok, we have boulders buried out in our yard just under our "grass" as you all know. This comes in handy when on a day like today, when we have wind such as what wouldn't shock any Boulderite, but which is quite capable of sending the plasitic covering my hoop houses to either Nebraska or Cansas depending on whether the wind's out of the West or the Northwest. I was conveniently out in our "irrigation/drainage trench", wedging out rocks with Russell and assorted garden tools, and with the gusts picking up nicely and the plastic unfurling off the hoop houses and being blown repeatedly against the fence, I piled the rocks onto the ends of the plastic so the whole business would stay in place.
Certainly I wonder sometimes, what our neighbors must think of the whole enterprise. Do they peer out of their windows and cheer me on in my efforts? Do they laugh to themselves and say to themselves "Just wait until it dumps five feet of snow. Then lets see her find her silly little hoop houses.
Never mind. The rocks by the way, did the trick.

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