Sunday, August 3, 2008

August in the garden

Gradually the heat diminishes and the garden may by slowing down a bit. The tomatoes, beans, pumpkins, corn and amaranth require regular tending, either in the form of pruning or for trellising. I also weed (particularly for thistles and milkweed) and drag the hose around a great deal as it's been very, very dry.

Savoy cabbages, although beset by cabbage whites and their offspring, are heading well and very tasty. All that heat we had in July may have made their flavor a little stronger, but otherwise we are starting to harvest them now and they are very good.

Beans and morning glories are taking full advantage of the trellises and the corn is almost to the top of the trellis.

Onions, leeks, celeriac and amaranth in bed number 3. I have beets and chard mixed in as well, and although the alliums (onions and leeks) and chard are a little leggy, all are growing well together in their tight quarters.

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