Monday, July 14, 2008

High summer harvests in my garden

This week I harvested: a big head of broccoli, a couple good-sized zucchini, a head of cabbage, chard, orach, New Zealand spinach, purslane, amaranth greens and stalks, chives, beets, red onions and bunching onions, a good-sized fennel bulb and tops, a kohlrabi, baby carrot thinnings and lots of peas. I have lots of basil, thyme, oregano, sage and a couple mints in good shape as well. Cure Farm provided lots of vegi.s and fruit with our one large CSA share and two fruit shares, and Russ and I always get a bag of vegi.s when we volunteer Thursday mornings.
What my garden provides now is variety, and prevents us from needing to supplement our CSA share with food bought elsewhere. I went to Whole Foods today to buy food for an upcoming road trip to Minnesota, checked out the vegetable section and happily left it empty handed. All I had to think about was what I had the garden "stocked with". Often my biggest problem is to decide when to harvest what, as many things can be harvested at different stages in their development. I have been able to plan ahead somewhat by asking folks at Cure how long their onions should hold out for instance, and with that information, leave my tempting onions and leeks in the ground (knowing that I'll have onions from Cure for a while, and saving mine for when Cure's are gone. Although actually on that order, the garlic that's coming in now can stand in for the onions in many dishes, so I can continue to hold off on the onions and leeks and see if they'll get any bigger...)

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