Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Continuing to eat more locally

Ok, tonight I turned out an almost entirely local dinner. Ok, so the onions came from Nevada, and the coconut oil although organic, did also come from the Philippines and Sri Lanka, but the rest of it I can brag about!
-Chicken from Wisdom Farm in Northern Colorado (Farmer's Market)
-Garlic sprouts from another Colorado farm (Farmer's Market)
-Ditto for the russet potatoes (Whole Foods)
-Mushrooms from Hazel Dell Mushrooms in Northern Colorado (Farmer's Market)
-“Micro-mix” from my family room
-Alfalfa sprouts and broccoli sprouts also from my family room
-US produced apple cider vinegar (Safeway)
I eat sprouts and some micro-mix with all my lunches and dinners these days. These in my view are a terrific backup for when the weather here becomes a gardener’s worse nightmare… In a few weeks I hope the shitake mushroom and oyster mushroom kits I have going, will actually produce mushrooms. I have to mist them several times a day (imagine the Olympic Rainforest and I’m the rain…) and this is a bit tedious- although I really love mushrooms so I think I should at least try….
Thank goodness for our lovely Farmer’s Market.
I have to register a Farmer’s Market compliant here now though. If one wants to get the best vegi’s at the Boulder Farmer’s Market (or in some cases, any vegi’s), one must arrive early. The folks that get to the Farmer’s Market early all live near to the market, or they drive their cars. If we want to both ride our bicycles and get there in time to beat some of the crowd to the vegi.s, we have to leave at the crack of dawn. Way too tempting to take the ol’ gas-guzzler. In fact, the opening day we rode our bicycles and got there too late to get any vegi.s. The folks from our CSA, Cure Farm, had sold out and left altogether by the time we arrived. The following week, Russ and I took the mini-van and got there early, were very lucky to find parking and got lots of vegi.s, etc. Wonder what we’ll want to do next Saturday?
The early bird gets the worm!
Our local newspaper after the opening day at the Market gave accurate, glowing descriptions of the farmers, and the crowds but failed to mention the large number of shoppers who had peddled to the market, and then even advertised the valet parking! Ack!
Happy Earth Day all!

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